New Toucan crossing will help ‘reconnect’ Lace Hill

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Construction on a pedestrian crossing at Lace Hill is underway, with the hopes of integrating the estate which has been “isolated” by the dangerous London Road.

Road signs were in place on October 5 and soon the A413, currently decorated with bright orange safety barriers, will be a safer place for pedestrians.

According to the County Councillor for Buckingham West, Lace Hill has been plagued with problems preventing residents from feeling truly connected to the rest of the town.

Charlie Clare thanked his predecessor District Councillor Robin Stuchbury for all of the hard work that went into securing the crossing. He said: “This is not my work, I’m really pleased that Robin oversaw this happening and the work finally taking place is entirely down to him.

“It’s so important that Lace Hill becomes integrated, and this has road has been cutting off their connection to the rest of the town.

“Sometimes it feels like the development has just been dumped on the edge of town; this crossing, the Cotton End steps and the need for lighting on the roads have all been issues for residents.”

The new junction will be a ‘Toucan’ crossing, offering safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists. These are typically larger than ‘Pelican’ and ‘Puffin’ crossings spanning four metres instead of slightly under three.

The bus stop opposite the building works has been cordoned off and will remain closed over the course of the weekend, as part of diminished traffic access to the town because of the Charter Fair.

Buckingham bus stand will be closed from 10am on Friday October 13, until the end of October 14. It will then be shut for the second fair weekend, at the same times, from Friday October 20, until the end of the October 21.

For more information and to see details of changes to specific bus routes this weekend, head to the town council’s Facebook

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