New video shows smokers are becoming loners

Sid the Cig has no friends
Sid the Cig has no friends

AS figures show health bosses encouraged 5,000 people to quit smoking in 2010/11 a new online video hammers home the message that smoking is no longer socially acceptable.

From this week Sid the Cig, a regular at the NHS Northants Stop Smoking roadshows, will star in an online TV series which demonstrates his experience of being a smoking social outcast.

Episode One, at, shows Sid getting cold shouldered all over town as he tries to make new friends. The remaining three episodes pursue the theme that smokers are less welcome company than ever before.

Pam Berry, programme lead for Tobacco at NHS Northants said: “Smoking is on its way to becoming as socially unacceptable as drink driving. We know that 22 per cent of adults in Northamptonshire smoke. But we also know that over two thirds of them would like to stop.”

“If you are still one of our shrinking minority of smokers, you can get information and support on giving up by calling NHS Northamptonshire’s Stop Smoking Service on 0845 601 3116 or going to”

Northamptonshire’s Stop Smoking Service offers a range of free advice and support. As well as contacting the service, smokers can also see their local GP or pharmacist to get support to stop.

A health spokesman said quitters can experience tangible results within days as carbon monoxide and nicotine are released from the body. With in three days their breathing should become easier followed by higher energy levels,