NHS watchdog service wants your feedback

Howard Mordue
Howard Mordue

A new NHS watchdog service for Bucks wants your feedback on local NHS services.

Healthwatch Bucks has been set up to champion NHS consumers in the county, hold healthcare service providers to account and help individuals find their way through the healthcare system.

It has powers to ‘enter and view’ in order to hold service providers to account and improve services.

Buckingham town councillor and district councillor for Buckingham North, Howard Mordue, is a director of Healthwatch Bucks, while Maids Moreton resident John White sits on a panel to look at specific projects.

Mr Mordue said: “Over the years, I have attended a number of meetings about the NHS, about the changes that were going to happen, but none approached it from a consumer’s point of view.

“In business, you have to provide a service and listen to what your customer wants.Why should this be different for the NHS?

“When local Healthwatches were set up recently, I applied and was successful in becoming a director of Healthwatch Bucks. The organisation is new and we are finding our feet, particularly with the website, but we are winning.

“But we need comments, both good and bad, from you the consumer about your experiences with the local NHS medical and social care.”

Healthwatch Bucks is partnered with local community organisations including Citizens Advice, Community Impact Bucks, Age UK, Carers Bucks and Action4Youth

Leave feedback for Healthwatch Bucks via the website www.healthwatchbucks.co.uk or call 0845 260 6216.