Night-time nuisance is ‘beyond joke’

Winslow Town Councillors Wendy Castle and David Barry at the community shelter
Winslow Town Councillors Wendy Castle and David Barry at the community shelter

A WINSLOW woman has appealed to the town council for help over nighttime nuisance behaviour at the town’s community shelter.

The woman, who asked not to be named, lives near the shelter, which was installed by the town council on the cycle path adjacent to the sports ground in March.

And she told town councillors at last Thursday’s meeting the problem is “getting beyond a joke”.

During the summer months she says she has been kept awake or woken several times by loud noise from young people congregating in the shelter. And she claims boys have been urinating in the field nearby.

“The noise and swearing are horrendous at 2am,” she said.

She told the meeting she had called out the police four or five times.

“You feel guilty bothering them,” she said.

Councillor David Barry said: “I’m very sorry you’ve had this problem,” and offered to talk to the neighbourhood policing team on her behalf.

Councillor Wendy Castle urged her to continue to report every incident, and to get an incident reference number every time. She was also advised to keep a log of each incident.

The woman told the Advertiser: “I just think the children don’t realise how much the noise travels.

“We sleep with the windows open, and I’m certainly not shutting my windows because of them.”

PC Martin Siderman told the Advertiser officers do patrol the footpath regularly day and night and have not encountered any problems.

But he said: “We always take any reports we get seriously and we will follow up on them. We would encourage anyone with a concern to ring us at the time on the police non-emergency number 08458 505505.”