Nineteen organisations to benefit from record number of Buckingham Town Council grants

Buckingham Town Council offices
Buckingham Town Council offices

A record number of groups from across Buckingham - 19 - are benefiting from grants issued by Buckingham Town Council.

There will be an increase of £2,200 in the grants allocated to local community groups for the financial year 2019/2020, meaning the council will award a total of £25,511.

The increase in money issued is down to the fact that there were more applications to the council for funding compared to the previous year.

The council say they are keen to support the Buckingham branch of the Citizens Advice Bureau, and have decided to allocate the organisation one pound per household, based on the precept figure.

This follows a recent decision by Winslow Town Council to take the same approach.

Mayor Jon Harvey said: "Our hope is that all other parishes will do something similar and ensure our local Citizens Advice is on a solid financial footing."

Speaking about the funding allocation in general Cllr Harvey added: "“The town council is always keen to help local organisations that support our community.

"It is really impressive to see the good use that our local groups make of the limited funding that is available.”

The town council will issue grants in the forthcoming financial year to the following groups:

> Buckingham Youth Clubs Ltd - £5,200 per annum across three years

> Buckingham Old Gaol - £3,000 per annum across three years

> Citizens Advice Aylesbury Vale - £5,176 per annum across three years

> Buckingham Canal Society - £1,150

> Buckingham Churches Children's Holiday Club - £750

> Buckingham Literary Festival - £400

> Buckingham Summer Festival - £750

> Buckingham Tennis Club - £1,000

> Buckingham Town Cricket Club - £1,000

> Buckingham United Football Club - £950

> Friends of the Old Gaol - £1,000

> Summer Festival Supporters - £250

> Buckingham West End Bowls Club - £750

> Chandos Park Bowls Club - £500

> Slade Recreation Club - £1,000

> Swan Community Hub - £1,000

> Project Street Life - £500

> Gawcott Cricket Club - £135

> North Bucks Carers (adults) - £1,000