Northamptonshire primary school's prayer space deemed a success

A small village primary school explored some big questions last month when it installed a prayer space for its pupils.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:05 pm

Children from Greatworth Primary School, near Brackley, were given the opportunity to meditate in the stillness of the space and reflect on some important life questions and world issues.

The young pupils were invited to empathise with the plight of refugees from war-torn countries and those affected by famine, and were asked to share their hopes and worries for the future.

They were also encouraged to think about ways in which to say sorry and deal with day-to-day anger and worries.

One Year 5 pupil from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School said: “Today, I found this space helped me. I let all my anger out. I was calm and I am not calm very often.

“Every day now I will let all my anger and stress out. Thank you for a lovely day.”

The prayer room was decorated with canopies, twinkling lights and glittering bubbles to create a peaceful environment and it was opened up to pupils for five other local primary schools.

A variety of items were placed in the room – beads, paints and pebbles – to help the children focus on the issues they were asked to reflect on.

Kian, a Year 2 pupil at Greatworth Primary, described his experience. He said: “We went to the music room and it was different because there were two little tents inside.

“There were two types of paints to put your fingers in: you put your finger in one then the other and do it again and again.

“These made me think I was special and unique. Next I had to think about the people that don’t have food at all, so I wrote on a plate: anger, starving and sad.”

Other children spoke of feeling both excited and nervous before entering the prayer space, but said they later felt calm after spending time there.

Greatworth Primary has since declared the prayer space project a resounding success and it has launched the school’s topic on British Values. Later this term, the pupils will find out about the diverse ways British people worship on a ‘Faith Tour’.