Northamptonshire producer to adapt local author's novel about Russian Grand Duke for TV

Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones

A novel about the mystery surrounding a Russian Grand Duke is to be adapted for television by a Northamptonshire producer.

Nicholas Jones, 58, from Old Stratford, has distant ancestry in Russia and thus has a keen interest in the country's culture and history.

The series will be based on The Two Lives of Grand Duke Michael novel, written by Northamptonshire-based author Michael Roman.

Mr Jones hopes to film most of the series in the county though he isn't sure yet where exactly.

"Firstly we need to find an English stately home which will double up as Knebworth House.

"I have always thought the rolling countryside and its country houses make it an ideal place for filming."

In addition to his Russian ancestry, Mr Jones interest in the eastern European country while reading history at university.

His prior knowledge of the story of Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia helped him secure the commission to film the series.

"About a quarter of my time was spent studying the Russian Revolution so I had the background information," said Mr Jones.

"He [Michael Roman] found me and realised I knew a lot about the story already."

Speculation surrounded Grand Duke Alexandrovich - who spent time in England when banished from Russia - because he was rumoured to have escaped being assassinated due to the fact his remains were never found.

"The story has all the elements of tragedy," said Mr Jones, whose previous work has been broadcast on Channel 4 and the BBC.

"I'm attracted to stories about people who did not realise they were creating history at the time."

He added: "This will be a sort of strange hybrid. We take factual elements and mix them with 'what ifs' then let the imagination take over."