Nurse sick of renting garage that won’t open

Sue Dymond outside her lock-up garage
Sue Dymond outside her lock-up garage

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust (VAHT) has apologised to a woman who has been paying for a garage she can’t use.

Akeley resident Sue Dymond, who rents the lock-up garage at Coronation Cottages from VAHT, rang the Advertiser after nine months of failing to get satisfaction from VAHT.

Mrs Dymond, who is a nurse at John Radcliffe Hospital, has been renting the garage, at a cost of £10 a week, to house her vintage car, an Austin A35 she calls Eric.

Thankfully, Eric was not in the garage last August when, Mrs Dymond said, a VAHT lorry reversed into it, rendering the door unopenable.

Ever since then, Mrs Dymond, aged 55, has been trying to get VAHT to repair the garage so she can use it again.

She said: “I’ve made endless phone calls. I’ve contacted them and contacted them. I’ve even had to fill in a complaints form.

“People just don’t get back. I know the receptionists better than I know anyone there.”

The final straw came when Mrs Dymond received a letter to say the rental charge is going up to £49.87 a month.

She said: “I’m fed up with seeing it come out of my statement every month and the letter saying there was an increase was just the last straw.”

Now she just wants to hand back the garage and get her money back.

Mrs Dymond said: “It’s driving me crazy. It’s just so inefficient. If we ran the National Health Service like that, where would we be?”

Ian Silver, of VAHT said: “On this occasion we did not get it right.

“We have appointed a new manager to ensure that customers get the high standard of service they deserve.

‘We sincerely apologise to Mrs Dymond and will be making a full refund of rent paid for the garage while it could not be used.”