CDs stolen and then returned in bizarre Verney Close robbery

The smashed Fiat Panda
The smashed Fiat Panda

The police are hunting for a quartet of picky burglars, who broke into a car and stole 70 CDs - but only kept one album.

The four men, caught on CCTV, broke into Thomas McAvoy’s Fiat Panda between 6:30 and 8:30pm, on November 15, stole the CDs but left the majority of them on a bench by the Old Gaol.

Demon Days was released by the Gorrilaz in 2005

Demon Days was released by the Gorrilaz in 2005

Thomas had parked on Verney Close, where the incident happened, to volunteer with the Buckingham Children’s Choir, organised by his mother.

He said: “When we finished, I went to get a bite to eat at Binn Smokehouse. When I came back I thought, well, I had a back windscreen when I left.”

“I got in touch with the police and tried getting hold of my mum, as she might have had music equipment in her car.”

CCTV footage shows the burglars rummaging through the glovebox, before pinching an empty Dunlop bag and a case full of CDs, hidden under the seat.

The album kept by the thieves was ‘Demon Days’: the second album by virtual band Gorrilaz, released in 2005.

Thomas, a musician whose band have played at Bandjam and the Big Bash, added: “I got a message the next morning from my friend Liam, who has recently moved to Buckingham. He found them by the benches at the Old Gaol.

“There's just the one missing so they must have been a fan of the Gorillaz and not of Johnny Cash, the Beatles or Bob Dylan.”

Thomas’ car, a rare 100 horsepower Fiat Panda, needs a £400 replacement back windscreen, which luckily his insurer will pay for.

He also expressed gratitude that his guitar hadn’t been in the vehicle at the time. He continued: “Luckily, I didn't have my guitar in there or anything of any value, really. The only thing valuable is the CD collection but that's valuable to myself.

“My girlfriend did order a load of CDs that night, only for me to tell her I've got them back. A bit frustrating, but if anyone wants a Squeeze single or a couple of Coral albums, let me know.”

A spokesperson for Thames Valley police said: “Officers are investigating a theft from car in which CDs were stolen. The incident occurred on 15 November between about 6.30pm and 8.30pm in Verney Close, Buckingham.”

“No arrests have been made, and anyone with any information relating to this incident is asked to call 101.”