Mysterious rocks cropping up all over Buckingham


The people of Buckingham are leaving no stone unturned, in the hunt for decorative rocks hidden throughout the town.

A Facebook group, with more than 200 participants, is documenting the discovery of painted pebbles, decorated with funny messages, drawing cartoon characters, and googley eyes.

Once a rock is caught in the wild, whoever found it is encouraged to post a picture to the group (Buckingham Rocks UK), keep the rock, or replace it with another of their creation.

One of the two mystery organisers said: “My hometown is a place called Wantage and I saw a load of friends getting involved with Wantage Rocks over the summer and thought it might be a nice thing for the people of Buckingham to get involved in.

“I think there are a number of Rock groups across the UK and I’m not sure where the craze started. We started the group formally on Thursday and now have about 200 members.

“The first few rocks were painted by myself and my partner, who’s a lot more accomplished with a paint brush, with a bit of help from our kids. There are now a number of fellow rockers who have spend the weekend painting and hiding Rocks.”



Sources say that a new batch of rocks are set to be released at the Scarecrow Festival in Maids Moreton on October 7.

They continued: “It’s almost as fun looking for them as it is painting them and it great to see some kids finding and keeping them as it shows they are appreciating the work that goes into them. The only thing we ask if someone keeps a rock they put another one out there to keep the Rock population alive.

“Hopefully it will put a smile on a few people’s faces as they walk round the town.”