Olney Pancake Parlour chosen to trial Bewley's new range of speciality teas and coffees

Barry Donaldson and the team at Olney Pancake Parlour
Barry Donaldson and the team at Olney Pancake Parlour

Family-run Olney Pancake Parlour has been chosen to trial a new range of speciality coffee and tea from one of the world’s leading coffee roasters, Bewley’s.

After being crowned the winner of the Olney Independent Shop of the Year 2017, the pancake restaurant has expanded its offering to include a wide range of breakfasts and lunches, and has become especially popular with friends, families, and even business colleagues on informal gatherings.
Now the Olney Pancake Parlour, based in the town’s Market Place, has been selected by Bewley’s, the recognised and award-winning coffee brand in Ireland, to serve a new range of Fairtrade 100% Arabica coffee beans.
Owner Barry Donaldson is using the opportunity to give the restaurant a light refurbishment as well as introducing Bewley’s new coffee branding concept, called BE.
As the popularity of speciality teas and infusions continues to grow, the restaurant will also offer a wide range of seasonal options to customers.
Driven by consumer trends, the UK branded coffee chain segment has seen a significant growth rate of 8.7% over the last 12 months, with food-focused outlets representing 34% of the total branded coffee market.
“We are thrilled to be serving a unique higher-quality coffee blend made from Fairtrade 100% Arabica coffee beans,” says Barry Donaldson. “We are excited for new and regular customers to come and see our recent changes. Whether it’s a pit stop for a Flat White served by one of our trained baristas or a refreshing infused tea, we have it covered.
“And if you’re feeling peckish, we are still offering our famous, flipping delicious range of pancakes, along with home-cooked breakfast and brunch.”

“The Bewley’s team have been developing the perfect coffee for more than 187 years, and I am confident the partnership will enhance our business and allow us to continue to offer our award-winning blend of great food, drinks and hospitality.”
A highly anticipated launch evening recently took place to showcase the recent refurbishments, with new interior decorations to the counter, walls and outside facia. The values of the business have also been enhanced, focusing on its sustainable waste programme: Olney Pancake Parlour recycles its mineral-rich coffee grounds and gives them to the local community to use in gardens and allotments.
“We are delighted to be working closely with the Olney Pancake Parlour, to grow their existing customer base of discerning coffee and tea drinkers,” says Brian O’Hagan, Managing Director, Bewley’s UK.
“This exciting partnership is part of our continuing missions to delight the senses of our customers. We believe in the power of community, building strong, genuine relationships that are honest, reliable and respectful. The Olney Pancake Parlour has a unique family atmosphere, camaraderie and passion for excellence and we are delighted to be a part of their future.”