On guard: Pensioner sleeping rough after 43 burglaries

Bill Carpenter is sleeping at his smallholding in Brackley
Bill Carpenter is sleeping at his smallholding in Brackley

A pensioner who says he has been burgled dozens of times is ignoring doctor’s orders by standing guard at his smallholding.

Retired lorry driver Bill Carpenter, 74, is spending his nights sleeping rough in his Volkswagen Transporter van on the site, off the A422 Brackley bypass.

Bill Carpenter at his Brackley smallholding PNL-141023-170653001

Bill Carpenter at his Brackley smallholding PNL-141023-170653001

He has kept watch since the latest theft on September 25.

Mr Carpenter said that every time his machinery and equipment is stolen, he thinks about farmer Tony Martin who was jailed for shooting a burglar dead in 1999.

He said: “You remember Tony Martin? I wouldn’t do the same, but I know how he felt.

“My doctor has gone mad about me sleeping here. I’m using the market place toilet and I only go home for a shave and my tea.

“But I daren’t leave it or it would all be gone. They smash through gate hinges and do so much damage, it’s unbelievable.

“The people stealing from me know all the rules, they just turn around and laugh at me.”

Mr Carpenter pops back to his High Street home at varying times but he is spending 14 hours a day at the site.

He said £30,000-worth of items including three trailers, machinery, ladders and lawn mowers have been plundered from his site since 2000.

But police officers are unable to catch anyone because the insecure patch, which he bought in 1996, is hard to monitor.

Mr Carpenter, who has lived in Brackley for 31 years, told how he feels fobbed off by police when he makes complaints about his situation.

He said: “They have taken finger prints and things away to be analysed but you get nothing.

“The police had cameras down there but put them inside the shed. They didn’t want to put them outside because they said they would get pinched.

“I’m normally told the officer dealing with it is on holiday.”

A spokesman for Northants Police said: “We are aware of a number of crimes which have been reported by Mr Carpenter.

“We have fully investigated all of these incidents and given Mr Carpenter crime prevention advice on a regular basis. We also carry out regular patrols close to his property.”