One bin fits all will generate £450,000 for council One

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LOCAL authorities in the region are reducing the amount of money they spend on burying waste in the ground after signing a contract expected to raise £450,000 for the public coffers.

This month South Northants Council (SNC) and Cherwell District Council (CDC) have jointly signed a six-year-long contract with UPM for the disposal of recycled waste collected in the region.

In south Northants that includes paper, cardboard, plastics and glass.

Councillor Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “This contract will benefit residents in two ways – the higher income will help to keep costs down and the new contract will enable us to give a better service next year, when changes to our waste and recycling collection service are implemented.

“One of these will be to collect all recyclable items together, which is easier for householders who won’t have to worry about which item goes in which box or have to carry heavy boxes.”

Mr Bambridge said although the council will get a lower rate on commingled recyclables, evidence from authorities in other regions who adopt the single recycling wheelie bin show the simplified system increases the recycling rate, which means the council has more materials to sell to firms like UPM, which coincidentally has a depot near Helmdon.

Robbie Warden, national sourcing manager for UPM, said: “UPM is delighted to be appointed for this contract.

“It is further testament to our recycling capability and recent investments in commingled recycling. We look forward to working with both councils.”