One tenth of Milton Keynes population could shift to Buckingham

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A large chunk of Milton Keynes, housing a tenth of the city’s population, could become part of BUCKINGHAM if Parliamentary boundary changes go ahead.

The proposal is to move Stony Stratford and Tattenhoe wards – an area equivalent to 1,700 football pitches – lock, stock and barrel out of MK.

MP Iain Stewart at MK Central

MP Iain Stewart at MK Central

Already the notion, which will affect 24,000 people, has caused outrage from residents and politicians alike.

Labour and Conservatives are blaming each other – even though both parliamentary parties have supported boundary changes in principal the past.

The government’s Boundary Commission believes part of Milton Keynes should be shifted to Buckingham because the city is too big for one MP but not big enough for the current two.

Last year the Commission published a set of proposals to move Wolverton and Stony Stratford into John Bercow’s constituency.

After public consultation the proposal was revised, Wolverton was taken out of the mix, but Tattenhoe ward, with its population of 11,744 was thrown in.

MPs are not due to vote on the boundary changes until late next year.

MP for Mk South Iain Stewart, is against the proposals for moving all three areas.

“A read of my full submission shows that I argued that the Boundary commission should look across regional borders such as South Northamptonshire and Mid Beds to allow Stony Stratford and Wolverton to remain in an MK constituency,” he sid.

MK Labour party is pressing for MK to remain as it is – but with three MPs instead of two to take into account the city’s future growth.

The combined population of Stony Stratford and Tattenhoe wards is just over 24,000. Stony Stratford ward , with 12,265 residents, is the largest

Stony Stratford ward sprawls over 1,265 hectares, while the size of Tattenhoe ward is 443 hectares. Wolverton ward has 15,720 residents over 740 hectares of land

Buckingham constituency has a population of 97,184 and covers Buckingham town as well as large part of central Bucks and much of the Aylesbury Vale