One year on and Seb is walking

Dan,AMY,Archie and Seb Strudwick from Silverstone.'111219M-C606
Dan,AMY,Archie and Seb Strudwick from Silverstone.'111219M-C606
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A year after his life-changing operation, brave toddler Seb Strudwick is continuing to improve.

Seb and his parents, Amy and Daniel, travelled to St Louis in the United States in January last year after raising around £60,000 so Seb, who has cerebral palsy, could have an operation which would allow him to walk.

They launched their fundraising campaign in July 2011 and took less than six months to raise the money they needed.

The family celebrated the first anniversary of the operation on Saturday, January 12.

Mrs Strudwick said: “The transformation has been amazing. Seb has gone from being wheelchair bound and able to get about in his Kaye Walker for short distances, to walking upright with straight legs and flat feet using his crutches which was impossible before surgery, but best of all he can now walk holding my hand.

“He needs minimal support and really only uses aids to keep his balance. This year has seen him take his first independent steps and build up an enormous amount of confidence and muscles.”

She added it was all down to the doctor who performed the operation and the people who had helped raise the money to send Seb to the US.

“We were so overwhelmed by the generosity and compassion of everyone, friends, family and people whom we’ve never met. It’s a truly awe inspiring thing,” she said.

This year, the focus is to get Seb to walk unaided and the family still has funds for intense physiotherapy courses, a personal trainer.

Fundraising events during the campaign included garden parties, pub quizzes and an ebay auction of Formula 1 memorabilia.