Open University scientists to speak about the magic of oxygen during lecture in Buckingham

The Royal Latin School library image
The Royal Latin School library image

Two scientists from the Open University are speaking about oxygen at a lecture at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham next week.

Dr Michael Batham and Dr Robert Janes will be hosting a talk entitled 'The Magic of Oxygen' at the Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory within the Royal Latin School on Wednesday March 27.

The talk will focus on the properties of atoms and molecules with topics ranging from fossilised mosquitoes, to chemical analysis, and the latest way to produce oxygen in aircraft.

The scientists will take a light-hearted look at the work of Boyle, Newton and Priestley and will recreate their experiments through various demonstrations.

Demos include how to make oxygen, how to create fire from water, colourful metals, freezing reactions and the chemistry of gunpowder.

The talk starts at 6pm with refreshments served from 5.45pm.

Entry is free but it is advisable to book a seat in advance - to do so e-mail or call 01280 827306.