Alan Dee’s guide to the TV week ahead

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The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV1, 9pm)

Wossy appears to make a very nice living from talking about his dog and telling Hollywood actresses that they are stunners.

But perhaps that’s his gift. He makes it look easy. He’s effortlessly confident. He puts the biggest names in showbiz at their ease and makes fun of people without appearing to give a damn about whether it will upset their agent or not, then rolls over and lets them tickle his tummy.

But will he have what it takes to hold his own against Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland?

The crazy-eyed former 24 star is dropping in to discuss his new venture, the forthcoming Sky1 series Touch, in which he plays a single father in New York who comes to realise that his mute son is trying to communicate through a series of mysterious numbers and codes.


Wild at Heart (ITV1, 8.30pm)

This hugely popular show has reached the climax of its seventh series, so chances are you know a little about it by now.

With Danny about to leave for the UK, it seems there are signs aplenty urging him to stay. He jumps at the chance to have one last adventure before his return home - tracking a lioness that attacked a tourist - but it could end in tragedy.


Scott & Bailey (ITV1, 9pm)

Manchester’s answer to Cagney & Lacey return for a new series, as Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones get back on the beat.

Once again, the detectives have personal troubles to deal with as Rachel’s estranged brother turns up at her doorstep – a bit awkward, given that she’s a cop and he’s a convicted armed robber.

Janet also has trouble at home as she tells Aidan she wants him to leave, but luckily she still finds time to investigate the death of a disabled man whose badly burned body was discovered in a remote part of north Manchester.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Channel 5, 9pm)

In a move that is sure to go down well with Cheers fans, Ted Danson joins the cast of the top cop drama as it returns for a 12th series. He plays the team’s new boss DB Russell, whose first job is to investigate a shootout in a tram car that left two people dead and three more injured. Only one passenger was lucky enough to get out physically unscathed - the young son of one of the injured men - but he’s too traumatised to speak about the incident, leaving the team struggling to piece together the tragic chain of events. Until, that is, Russell finds a way to get through to the lad. Perhaps his past life as a bartender taught him a thing or two about getting people to open up!


Roger & Val Have Just Got In (BBC Two, 10pm)

The Stevensons are preparing to welcome important guests for dinner - does this mean other faces are about to appear and shatter their idyll?

Dawn French and Alfred Molina are funny, moving and enthralling in equal measure.


Love Life (ITV1, 9pm)

A new three-part drama following the tumultuous relationship of Joe (Rob James-Collier) and Lucy (Andrea Lowe).

In this first opener, Joe returns from a year abroad after taking off when he heard Lucy’s ticking biological clock, only to find that she is now pregnant and refusing to reveal who the father is.


Helen’s Polar Challenge for Sport Relief (BBC One, 8.30pm)

Helen Skelton, the toughest girl on TV, tackles a gruelling 500 mile challenge to the South Pole for Sport Relief 2012. The daredevil presenter travels for up to 14 hours a day across the coldest and windiest places on earth, battling ferocious 80mph winds and temperatures as low as minus 50oC.