It’s all down to a lack of training and a lack of respect in society

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IT seems that at least two county constabularies are considering handing certain responsibilities over to the private sector and I find that really worrying.

As far as I can see, this move would suggest the police forces are either extremely disorganised or inefficient or both. Already a number of forces employ people to work behind the front desk or walk the streets wearing a similar uniform to theirs so it can’t have anything to do with numbers and how can it be to save money?

Unless of course the private sector is going to be able to train the necessary number of people to a high degree cheaper and pay them less money. If that is case then Chief Constables are not doing their jobs properly.

The other worrying thing about this is that these new recruits will not have the power of arrest as I understand it, so will they be expected to issue a series of ‘notices’ to various miscreants? Our regular police already warn people about bad behaviour and issue warnings that do not make any difference.

I take it that ‘proper’ police will still be used to protect the Queen and Prime Ministers and other dignitaries rather than being freed up for normal duties.

It’s also been announced this week that Age Concern UK and other similar organisations have expressed their worries about the way elderly people are becoming badly treated by carers etc. It has been my experience that the problem is becoming far worse.

I believe two things are mainly to blame. First is the lack of training and second is a lack of respect within our society. There are plenty of decent people within the caring professions and they will tell you that they are frustrated to see evidence of poor training more and more rather than less and less.

Terrible wages also contribute to the problem and in some cases people are employed who have difficulty in either explaining themselves or understanding their client’s needs.

I guess when you think about it, both the problems of the police and the caring agencies comes down to lack of respect for other human beings and lack of training.

Never mind, cheer up the Olympics are coming and we can all forget our troubles for a week or two.