Members learn digger skills

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Buckingham Canal Society volunteers were trained to drive diggers and dumper trucks on a training weekend at Bourton Meadow.

The purpose of the training was to get members ready for re-watering work to the canal at Cosgrove and to enable them to carry out preparatory work for the re-watering project at Bourton Meadow.

At the Bourton Meadow site, volunteers used an excavator to remove some large tree stumps.

They also dug out a disued badger sett in the canal bed.

The group has been in discussions for months over the sett with Aylesbury Vale District Council’s biodiversity team, Natural England and a local badger group.

Richard Lewis, of the canal society, thanked Bob Simpson from the badger group for his help in installing wildlife cameras and inspecting the site a number of times to confirm there were no badgers present before work could proceed.