Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Get involved and look after bald dinosaurs!

Tiggy's little owl PNL-140630-144144001
Tiggy's little owl PNL-140630-144144001

So far 2014 is turning out to be a year of plenty on the wildlife front.

After those horrific floods, earlier in the year spring and summer came bursting in, all daffodils and baby everything.

At Tiggys even we coo over the cutest babies you have ever seen, arriving at our nurseries.

This year has seen a bonanza of baby birds and other animals landing, literally, on the laps of our nursery 

I am always, even after all these years, sticking my head around the nursery doors to see the latest additions.

The shape, sizes, attitudes and degrees of cuteness never cease to amaze.

Also I am so proud that our visitors can see into the nurseries and enjoy these little marvels of nature thriving in their artificial nests and on our specially prepared ‘Tiggywinkles Glop’.

Our nursery team are there for the summer and after a short while experienced in identifying even those little bald dinosaurs that have no feathers.

But their success in being surrogate mothers means that there are more and more babies to feed.

Similarly the nursing team is putting in extra hours coping with the vastly increased number of patients coming in, and surviving.

We can cope and always will but I feel that my job is to ease off the throttle and recruit extra bodies, albeit for the summer, to support our staff, volunteers and, of course, all those animals.

Perhaps by offering temporary employment it may help my lot and in a tiny way the country’s dilemma.

I know that Helen, in our educational and recruitment section, would welcome any enquiries about temporary employment, City and Guilds Courses and volunteering during the summer.

Believe me, all those babies will blow your mind.