Owner’s plea after dog swallows fishing line

Jasmine, the Jack Russell cross
Jasmine, the Jack Russell cross

A Buckingham woman wants to warn other dog owners about the dangers of debris on the river bank, after her tiny Jack Russell cross swallowed a fishing line and hook.

Housewife Paula Biswell had taken her three dogs for a walk by the river in Chandos Park last Thursday when she noticed Jasmine pick something up and start to eat it.

Fishing hook and line swallowed by Jasmine the Jack Russell cross

Fishing hook and line swallowed by Jasmine the Jack Russell cross

Rushing over, Mrs Biswell found seven-year-old Jasmine had fishing line protruding from her mouth.

Mrs Biswell said: “It was terrible. I realised what she had done straight away. She was gulping and as she gulped the line was literally going down.”

Mrs Biswell immediately drove Jasmine to Winslow’s Windmill Veterinary Centre, where she was met by vet Jacqui Naismith.

An X-ray showed Jasmine had swallowed bait, line and hook, which was by then lodged in her stomach.

Fortunately, the vet managed to extract the hook and line using an endoscopy tube, under general anaesthetic.

Mrs Biswell said: “She was a very lucky little dog. The vet said if I’d have left it the hook would have got embedded somewhere.

“But it’s the line that’s more of a problem because it cuts like a cheesewire.”

And Mrs Biswell asked amateur anglers to be more careful with what they leave behind on the riverbank.

She said: “I love the river, we’ve always walked it from when the children and dogs were very young.

“It’s sad that people just don’t care enough and think about the beautiful environment they’re privileged to live in.

“It would have been terrible to lose Jasmine over something so stupid.”