Oxfordshire County Council election results

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Election results for Oxfordshire County Council have started to come in.

The results so far are:

Bicester West: Les Sibley (Ind), 964 votes - elected; Norman Bolster (Con), 364; Darren Cain (UKIP), 241; Steve Sargeant (Lab), 237; David Newman (Green), 38; Elizabeth Fleming (Lib Dem), 13.

Voter turnout: 31 per cent.

Bicester Town: Michael Waine (Con), 983 votes – elected; Polly Foster (Lab), 490; Alan Bickley (UKIP), 393; Fiona Mawson (Green), 86; Samantha Bowring (Lib Dem), 61.

Voter turnout: 28 per cent.

Bicester North: Lawrie Stratford (Con), 599 votes – elected; Barbara Fairweather (UKIP), 402; Steve Uttley (Lab), 262; Tony Walton (Ind), 131; Steve Creed (Lib Dem), 85; Mohammad Tariq (Green), 47.

Voter turnout: 22 per cent.