Panic over as ‘abduction’ attempt explained

Police have reassured parents after a supposed abduction attempt turned out to be harmless.

Parents in Buckingham received a text warning today, Tuesday, after reports that an attempt was made to entice a primary school child into a car on the last day before half term.

It was reported that a pupil from George Grenville Academy was approached by a man and woman in a red car on Friday, May 23.

But schools officer PC Graham Brigginshaw told the Advertiser it turns out there was an innocent explanation.

PC Brigginshaw said: “The good news is, a parent has come forward and said: ‘It was me. I was trying to give them a lift because it was pouring with rain.’

“Panic over.

“Thankfully, it was a kind-hearted mum trying to do the right thing.

“I’m very pleased the parent came forward and there’s nothing to be concerned about.”