Paper boy’s bike taken as he delivers papers

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A PAPER boy has spoken of his shock after his bike was stolen while he was in the middle of his paper round on Sunday.

Alex Sly, aged 17, from Badgers, was delivering papers in Lenborough Road, Buckingham, when the silver Bronx mountain bike was taken at about 7.30am.

He had propped it up, as usual, against the road sign while he popped round the corner to deliver three newspapers.

When he came back moments later, the bike was gone. And despite a thorough search, it was nowhere to be found.

Alex, who is studying plumbing and electrics at Milton Keynes College, said the bike – which was not new, with slightly rusty handlebars – was his only form of transport.

He told the Advertiser: “I was distraught, to be honest. I was shocked. I was just delivering my papers round the corner, and when I came back it was gone.”

Mum Maria, aged 45, said: “I knew something was wrong because he was two hours late home.

“I felt very protective, seeing his face when he came through the door. I knew something was wrong.

“It’s the sheer violation of it, wondering if maybe he was followed.”

“My husband came up here and drove round Embleton Way looking for it, then I did, and then my eldest son did. I took the dog and my daughter and walked through the railway walk.”

The family put up a notice on the road sign, and have also advertised on the Gumtree and Pre-loved websites to try and trace the bike.

“I was determined to do something about it,” said Maria. “You just kind of hope. But hope turns to despair after two or three days.

“The worst thing for me was Alex blames himself, because he didn’t chain it up. But our children always leave their bikes outside the house and have never had a problem.”

Alex’s boss at Roger’s newsagents, Roger Tapping, said in his 20 years in the business he could not recall this ever happening before.

He said: “I’m very shocked. You don’t expect it at 7.30am.”

Maria added: “I’d love the person to pick up the newspaper and see it and feel bad. You like to think people have a conscience over what they’ve done to a child – he’s only 17.

“We’re a family unit, we all stand together. It’s important to make a point sometimes.

“Buckingham is not a place of crime and it’s important people don’t get away with it.

“I’ve done my bit now. I can do no more as a mum.”

Anyone with any information about the bike should contact Buckingham police on 08458 505505 quoting crime reference number AG3843199/11.