Paper deliveries ‘a lifeline to people’

News Express in Winslow.'1210927M-C050
News Express in Winslow.'1210927M-C050

WINSLOW High Street is set to lose a newsagents shop that has been in the town for more than 70 years.

News Express will be closing its doors after its last day of trading on Saturday, October 8.

The shop, opposite St Laurence Church, was previously known as Stars and, before that, older inhabitants still remember it as Dann’s.

And a former town councillor has expressed her worry that the district will be left without a newspaper delivery service.

Hermione Longton said: “It’s quite a shock to learn after all these years it’s closing down. It’s served all the villages round here for miles. Many people who are housebound or can’t drive will miss out on having their daily paper delivery.

“People on farms and in rural places look forward to their paper being delivered.

“It’s a lifeline to local people living on their own, it’s someone calling at their house every day.

“It’s sad for people who can’t get out. And it’s sad for the paper boys who can’t earn any money. I feel quite passionate about it.”

A spokesman for Midcounties Co-operative said: “Earlier this year an agreement was reached for the sale of 41 of the News Express stores. Twelve stores are being retained and will be converted into Co-operative Food Stores following subsequent investment by the society.

“Unfortunately, two stores including Winslow, will be closing due to the landlords requiring the surrender of the lease of the trading location.

“All colleagues affected by this decision have been consulted.”

Mrs Longton suggested there would be a business opportunity for an enterprising person to fill the newspaper delivery gap.

She said: “I think it’s quite a niche job for someone willing to take on the responsibilities.”

Great Horwood couple Stewart and Michelle Glasgow think they could be the ones to pick up the baton.

The pair, who worked at Stars for six years, are hoping to rent premises in Winslow and set up a news delivery service to the town and surrounding villages.

Mr Glasgow said: “We think the community needs a delivery service, that’s why we’re doing it. We only started leafleting two weeks ago and the response has been absolutely brilliant.”

The pair hope to have their delivery service up and running in the next few weeks. Call them on 07976 719889.