Paranormal investigators look to Northamptonshire for new studies

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A team of paranormal investigators is looking for cases in Northamptonshire to study.

Rugby and District Anomaly Research (R.A.D.A.R) is run by Paul Crowther and his partner, Avril, and was launched in 2013.

Paul said R.A.D.A.R. was not like other paranormal investigators.

“We are a Research Group as opposed to the classic image of “Ghost Hunters” portrayed on the television these days, we are concerned with attempting to capture as much evidence as possible, and to fully research this fascinating phenomena.

“We do not do “Fright Night Experiences” or any such commercial activities, and as such our Investigations are taken extremely seriously.

“We take pride in the way we conduct ourselves and aim to fulfill the highest Professional and ethical standards at all times.

“We do not charge for our services, and any Investigations that we undertake are done with full consideration for Safety at all times. We carry out a pre-visit, speak to the client and a full report of our findings is given to the client on conclusion of the Investigation.

“We have a range of electrical and digital equipment that we use to assist us in the capture of as much data as possible, that is analysed on conclusion of the

investigation, and included in the finished report,” he added.

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