Parking charges spark first ever e-petition

Swan Pool car park,Buckingham.
Swan Pool car park,Buckingham.

THE move to introduce parking charges to Buckingham’s Swan Pool car park has been ‘called in’ by a district councillor.

An e-petition has also been launched against the decision as pressure mounts on Aylesbuery Vale District Council.

Buckingham’s new district councillor Robin Stuchbury gained the support of district councillors Avril Davies (Pitstone) and Llew Monger (Winslow) to get the decision by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) called in.

This means the cabinet decision will now be debated at a scrutiny committee meeting on July 18.

Mr Stuchbury said he called in the decision because the cabinet had not had a fair consultation with The Buckingham School, while Buckingham Youth Centre was not part of any consultation.

He said the new parking charges could cost school staff £6 a day, and that they might also deter people from hiring the youth centre and affect its long-term viability. And now two Buckingham town councillors have started the first ever e-petition on the AVDC website.

Councillor Jon Harvey said: “We just felt something had to be done to make the district council see sense.

“Several local people and other town councillors have already signed the petition and we expect many more people to put their names to it as well.”

Councillor Lisa O’Donoghue added: “One of the many things we loved about moving to Buckingham eight years ago was the ability to park for free.

“Yet over the years I have witnessed Buckingham being forced to conform to parking restrictions by our district council, which has failed to listen to residents or the town council.”

People are asked to add their names to the petition if they agree that the plan to introduce car park charges should not go ahead for the following reasons:

> It will push what parking problems there are on to neighbouring roads

> There has been little or no consultation with affected people and organisations – including the schools, Youth Centre, Clearly Speaking and residents

> It could lead to further parking restrictions nearby and beyond which may well include more yellow lining and resident parking permit schemes

> We need actions to support local businesses and services, not ones that will restrict education, trade and leisure

Mr Harvey said: “Nearly two weeks ago I asked the council to provide me with the evidence that has led to this cabinet decision, but I have yet to see any information that highlights there being a problem.

“I know I have never had any difficulty parking there when I was a regular gym user. Others have said the same thing to me.

“Even if there is a problem, surely it would be better to get everyone round a table to talk about solutions rather than this heavy-handed approach by the district council.

“Or is this just another way for them to tax us and make our lives difficult here in the north of the Vale?”

See the petition online at