Paw-pularity contest: 70% value pets as much as partners

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Editorial image

It’s official, we are crazier about our cats and dogs than we are about family members – according to new research.

Seven out of 10 of us value our pets as highly as family members and we treat them more often than our partners.

More than half of pet lovers in Bucks buy luxury gifts for their animals but less than a quarter do the same for partners.

The study, carried out by Vetsure Pet Insurance, found only 13 per cent of men and women buy gifts for their other half on a weekly basis and 19 per cent of people do not bother at all.

Across the county, 40 per cent of people let their pets sleep wherever they like and 31 per cent of families bought a pet because it was a ‘necessary addition’.

Ashley Gray, vet and founder of Vetsure Pet Insurance, said: “This research highlights the special relationship we have with our pets is becoming ever closer and more complex.

“As pet owners we are benefiting more and more from our pets on an emotional level, in ways that our non-furry loved ones just can’t replicate.

“Pets don’t judge us, they are incredibly forgiving of our faults and usually give more than they get from the relationship – how can any partner compete with that?”

Despite the research, only a quarter of us have pet insurance.

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