All's well on the surface in Bucks says Mr Pothole

Famed anti-pothole campaigner, conveniently called Mr Pothole, has given his seal of approval to Transport for Buckinghamshire's (TfB) road maintenance efforts.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 1:02 pm
Etnyre Chipper Spreader

Over the summer months, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) has been carrying out road surface dressing work at 27 locations across the county.

Surface dressing is an efficient and effective method for routine maintenance of road surfaces. It forms a water resistant layer that makes the road less slippery while also preventing water or ice from seeping into the surface and forming cracks, which would later develop into potholes.

TfB has worked in conjunction with its surfacing contractor Eurovia, using an innovative piece of equipment, the Etnyre Chipper Spreader, to carry out the work.

Mr Pothole

Mr Pothole said:

"Thank you for letting me visit today. This was a great example of trying to get things right. I know you still have your challenges, but it was a pleasure to visit today. There are very professional, open and enthusiastic working relationships from the top down - a real example of partnership working with contractors and a structure in place to deliver from a network asset point. It just feels right!

"The Etnyre Chipper Spreader is a fantastic bit of kit! I loved the speed of the process. Being able to complete a road in one pass has so many advantages. Great team effort by Eurovia, very on the ball.

"I’m highways authorities’ biggest critic. However, TfB is trying to get things right. We just need far more government funding over the longer term. I’m sure it would make a massive difference to Bucks!"

County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Transport Member, Mark Shaw, said:

"It was great to have Mr Pothole on site and show him some of the excellent work we’ve been doing across the County. As somewhat of a ‘pothole pro’, it was great to hear all the positive things he had to say about the work and hear some of his own ideas for improvement, which we will certainly consider for future works."