Attempted murder rap for lag who cut fellow inmate’s throat and sliced through jugular vein as he left shower

Springhill Prison PNL-140403-161105001
Springhill Prison PNL-140403-161105001

A 40-year-old man has been convicted of the attempted murder of a fellow prisoner and threatening to kill a prison officer at HMP Grendon Underwood.

Robert Donaldson was found guilty on Thursday of attempted murder and threats to kill, at Reading Crown Court after a three day trial.

On the evening of 22 July 2014 the victim, a man in his forties, was leaving the shower at HMP Grendon Underwood when he was approached by fellow prisoner Donaldson, whom he had known for more than two years. Donaldson said he wanted to speak to the victim and the victim agreed to go to his cell once he had got changed.

The victim went to Donaldson’s cell and saw that it was only himself and Donaldson in the cell.

The court heard that Donaldson then held his arm around the victim and cut his throat with what was later established to be a homemade bladed article.

The victim described blood gushing from his own throat as he was pushed to the floor by Donaldson. The attack continued as the victim scrambled around on the floor looking for a towel or similar to staunch the bleeding.

The victim attempted to defend himself against the attack while on the floor but sustained cuts to his forearm, torso, chin, hand, and in between his fingers in the process.

They were disturbed by another prisoner who, upon seeing what was happening in the cell, shouted for help.

Donaldson left the cell, followed by the victim, who managed to get out of the cell and down the stairs where he was then given first aid by two prisoners.

Donaldson then went to the ground floor of the prison wing and into the dining area where he rushed towards a prison officer, a man in his twenties, repeatedly shouting, “I’m going to kill him.” Others shouted at him to stop. Donaldson then grabbed the prison officer around the neck from behind, and held the bladed article to his throat and continued to make threats.

After a few moments, a number of prisoners intervened and restrained Donaldson, taking the knife from him, and passing it to another prison officer and further prison staff arrived and swiftly took control of the situation.

The investigating officer Det Sgt Kerry Bradfield, from Aylesbury CID, said: “The victim who was attacked in the cell sustained serious wounds including two neck wounds, one of which cut his jugular vein.

“Fortunately he has made a recovery. If he had not received prompt treatment this could have been a murder investigation.”

Donaldson is due to be sentenced at Reading Crown Court next month.