Audit committee chair responds after council criticised in Aylesbury Vale Broadband report

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The leader of Aylesbury Vale District Council’s audit committee has responded to an independent report into the failed investment Aylesbury Vale Broadband.

The broadband company - which was set up with funding from new homes bonus payments and other publicly funded sources, and included top council leaders on the board - failed to deliver on promises to connect hundreds of rural homes with high grade FTTP broadband connections, and has since been sold on.

Cllr Paul Irwin, Chair of AVDC’s Audit Committee, said: “AVDC has always supported this review and welcomes the lessons which have come out of it, as well as the points of positive feedback.

“This was an independent and objective review which sought to identify lessons learned, while considering value for money from the council’s investment and the governance in place at the time. I’m very satisfied that an open and transparent process has been undertaken. The review is comprehensive and in itself a solid example of good governance.

“There will be more information next week after the Audit Committee has met to discuss the report.”

AVDC’s audit committee will meet on 12 June to discuss the report and how the recommendations can be implemented, after which the council will release a further update.