Brexit Party makes U-turn in Buckingham and agrees to field candidate at next month's general election

In a dramatic U-turn, the Brexit Party have confirmed today (Wednesday) that their prospective parliamentary candidate for the Buckingham seat will now be standing again.

24 hours ago, the party announced Andrew Bell would not be standing in the constituency after leader Nigel Farage said the Brexit Party would not be contesting more than 300 Conservative held seats across the UK.

The Buckingham Parliamentary seat has been held by John Bercow since 1997 until his decision to step down at the upcoming election.

Although Mr Bercow was elected as a Conservative, he has been in post as an Independent candidate for the past ten years because of his role as Speaker of the House of Commons.

In a statement explaining the party's reversal of its decision a day earlier Mr Bell said: "Yesterday party leader Nigel Farage stated that the Brexit Party would not stand in the 317 seats won by the Conservatives in 2017.

"There was no Conservative candidate in that year in Buckingham.

Andrew Bell, who is now standing as the Brexit Party's candidate for the Buckingham Parliamentary constituency

Andrew Bell, who is now standing as the Brexit Party's candidate for the Buckingham Parliamentary constituency

"The seat is not one of the 317 Conservative seats at the beginning of the 2017 Parliament.

"The Brexit Party has today confirmed its intention to put me up as its candidate in Buckingham.

"This is a quite exceptional, indeed totemic, constituency, and one which Nigel Farage himself fought in 2010.

"I am honoured to stand, and to put the argument for a true and immediate Brexit to the electors of Buckingham.

"In the battle of ideas, we need not defer to the wrong opinions of others, or to counsels of expediency.

"We must say what we believe, and vote for it.

"We may be attacked as obstinate, caricatured as extreme, and pilloried for taking votes from other parties.

"All these assaults Nigel Farage has suffered for 25 years.

"So let us be as courageous as him, as principled as him, and as resolute for success as him.

"We do not need to be blown by the wind and tides of the news cycle - we can make the weather.

"We will be heroes to those that come after, for once we regain self-rule, this great country will not look back.

"It will prosper and flourish, with a great wave of invention and enterprise, and trade with distant lands.

"We will soon come to shudder at the memory of a period of growing subjection to an impersonal, alien, and distant rule.

"Our best days lie ahead: and if we seize every opportunity that Brexit brings, soon every inhabitant of these islands will say what I believe is true, that “there has never been a better time to be English, to be British”.