BREXIT: UKIP leader Chris Adams: “The ordinary man in the street won this referendum”

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It is a double victory for Brexiteers in Aylesbury.

Not only are campaigners celebrating a national victory, they are also celebrating a local victory too.

And no one is more excited today than UKIP local leader, and three times parliamentary candidate councillor Chris Adams.

He said: “I feel so elated and excited.

“I have been fighting for this since 2004 when I first joined UKIP, I have done three general elections and came second in the last one, but this is the icing on the cake, it’s an unbelievable feeling.

“It was close in Aylesbury Vale as a whole, but with Aylesbury we won quite comfortably.

“People didn’t like the Remain campaign because of the scare mongering, they don’t like to be bullied and that is what Remain tried to do.

“The ordinary man in the street has spoken, and isn’t it wonderful that we are now trading with the world.

“Some of the tactics that were used were dreadful, the reason that I think we won is because our campaign was so positive. Obviously there were a few things, like the UKIP poster and Michael Gove’s Nazi jibe, but compared to the other side it was basically the people, against a bunch of big business people and rich people.”