Buckingham and Winslow young carer wins ‘inspiration’ award

Edan Farr's parents receive the Action 4 Youth inspiration award on his behalf
Edan Farr's parents receive the Action 4 Youth inspiration award on his behalf

A member of Buckingham and Winslow Young Carers has won Action 4 Youth’s outstanding inspiration award.

Edan Farr, 18, a former pupil at the Buckingham School, won the award after being nominated by the YC2 branch of the Buckingham and Winslow Young Carers.

Edan Farr

Edan Farr

Edan’s caring responsibilities started at the age of three when his sister, Mollie-Mai, was born with rare chromosome disorder 1Q21.

In the early years, Edan became used to accompanying his parents on frequent hospital stays, appointments, therapy sessions and emergency treatments.

At a young age he made himself useful as he entertained Mollie-Mai, comforted his mum, answered the phone and fetched and carried things whilst his parents, Suzanne and Mark, got to grips with Molly-Mai’s complex condition.

In the past five years, Molly-Mai’s condition has become even more pronounced, meaning Suzanne has to care for her on a full-time basis.

Edan has been a big help with getting Molly-Mai to school, to hospital appointments or even just into the car.

Since joining YC2 age 10, Edan has been a mentor for other young carers, become a young leader, helped at junior club sessions and accompanied many outings.

Edan has had his heart set on joining the army and has been a member of the local army cadets for several years.

In August, Edan started as an apprentice mechanical engineer based in Winchester.

He was unable to collect his award in person as he was involved with a military training exercise.

Margo Jackson, YC2 president said: “Edan represents all that is positive, good, kind, far sighted and hopeful in our young people today.

“He is the epitome of the ‘every young man or woman’ that puts the heart into making our community both near and afar a safer and better place for new generations to grow up in.”