Buckingham artist's painting raises £800 for #Backing Noah fund for paralysed Stowe schoolboy

Mouth artist Keith Jansz understands the traumatic event 17-year-old Noah Cosby is going through following his life-changing fall from a dirt bike accident

Wednesday, 4th August 2021, 10:16 am

A local artist has auctioned a painting he did of Stowe School to help a student who broke his back in a fall from a dirt bike in March.

The terrible accident left Noah Cosby, an art scholar at Stowe, paralysed from the chest down, despite undergoing six hours of emergency spinal surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital, .

Noah, who turned 17 in June, is still being cared for at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and his family have launched a crowdfunder to help pay for full-time physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and robotic stimulation, in a bid to help him recover the use of his legs. At present, the family say, the NHS can only offer Noah three hours' physio per week.

Keith Jansz painting at Stowe School in 2017

Artist Keith Jansz, who lives in Finmere, began learning to paint with his mouth after losing the use of his hands and legs in a tragic road accident in 1995, which left him paralysed from the neck down. He is a member of The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists.

Keith originally painted his picture, Sports Day at Stowe, in 2017, and planned to donate the painting to raise funds for the school's chosen charity.

But after reading about Noah's accident in the Advertiser, leaving him in hospital at Stoke Mandeville, the #Backing Noah fund felt like the obvious cause to support.

Stowe School auctioned the painting, raising £800 for #Backing Noah.

Sports Day at Stowe raised £800 for the Backing Noah Fund

Keith said: "Having suffered a spinal Injury and spending six months in Stoke Mandeville Hospital myself, I know all too well the traumatic life-changing event that Noah is going through.

"I'm delighted that a painting of mine has raised much-needed funds to facilitate Noah on his rehabilitation journey."

Headteacher Anthony Wallersteiner said: "Keith is an inspiring artist who has not allowed disability to prevent him from creating some of the most expressive, joyful and uplifting canvases I have ever seen.

"His iridescent colours and skilful brushwork transport you to the poetic realms of the sublime – something we have all needed over the last 18 months.

"It is characteristically generous that Keith should donate the glorious Sports Day at Stowe to support the #Backing Noah campaign, especially because Noah is an outstandingly gifted art scholar at Stowe."