Buckingham businesses urged to be aware after petty cash theft

The owner of a Buckingham business is urging other firms to be on the lookout after £500 worth of petty cash was stolen from his company's office on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 4:54 pm
Rentamech owner Colin Evans

Matthew Dale-Evans, owner of Rentamech Car and Van Rental Ltd, which is based on Ball Moor, Buckingham, said he was frustrated at the 'sickening' theft which he described as 'a violation.'

Matthew said: "We have been trading in the town for more than 35 years and we have never been burgled before.

"The theft happened at 2.45pm in the afternoon while the shop was open.

"The front office was empty at the time and these two miscreants slipped in unnoticed, wandered around for a good ten minutes and stole £500 in cash.

"It was about an hour after the incident that we realised what had happened.

"From speaking to other businesses I understand they have been into other organisations as well - a cafe, solicitors and hotel have also been targeted."

Matthew spoke to the Advertiser around 24 hours after the theft and said he had still not had a proper response from the police.

He said: "After checking through the CCTV we phoned the police and went round to the station to speak to somebody.

"They told us to spread the word on social media which we have done and said they would send somebody round but as we speak nobody has made an appearance.

"It is very disappointing that this has happened and we have been trying to highlight it as much as possible.

"I have even been warning businesses in Bicester because I don't think these people are local - why would you s*** on your own doorstep?

"I understand things are tough for the police but we have all the evidence they need here."

A police spokesman gave the Advertiser the following update this morning (Monday): "We are investigating the theft of a cash draw from an office at an address on Ball Moor in Buckingham.

"Two offenders have taken the draw which was in a back office and a quantity of cash was taken.

"An investigation is ongoing and we would ask anyone with information to please call 101 quoting reference 43190160222."