Buckingham woman's plant swap group growing fast

Members can post what plants and cuttings they wish to give away or swap

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 2:38 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 2:40 pm

A Buckingham woman has set up a Facebook group where gardeners can exchange plants and cuttings.

Sarah Louise Truby created the group, Buckingham Plant & Cuttings Swap, this week.

Sarah, aged 25, told the Advertiser: "The other day I wanted a specific plant but I have spent quite a lot of money on gardening this year already and I was wondering if anyone local had the plant that I could have a cutting from, as it wouldn’t affect their plant and it’s easy enough to do.

Many people have found gardening helps with their mental health during the Covid pandemic

"However, I wasn’t sure where was best to ask for this, as there wasn’t a group for it. So I decided to create my own group, as I was sure more people we’re probably interested too."

The group is designed for people who live in Buckingham or the surrounding area who are willing to give away or swap cuttings of plants to propagate, or give away mature plants.

Sarah, who is a nurse at Katharine House Hospice and at a cosmetic surgery clinic, added: "I also liked the idea of the community helping each other and swapping plants to spread a little bit of happiness, as I think a lot more people are getting into gardening due to Covid."

The group has already got over 100 members, after being launched on Tuesday, and Sarah hopes more people will join and post what plants they’re happy to give away.

Sarah Louise Truby, who started the group

You can visit the Facebook group and ask to join here