Buckingham's new deputy mayor dubbed town council "expensive and profiligate"

Warren Whyte has been elected as Deputy Mayor of Buckingham, despite previous fierce criticism of council

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 4:22 pm
Deputy Mayor of Buckingham, Warren Whyte

Buckingham Town Council's newly elected deputy mayor previously criticised the town council for being "expensive and profligate".

Warren Whyte who is also a county councillor for Buckinghamshire, has just been elected back on to the town council, after a six-year break.

In the run-up to the recent elections, Councillor Whyte, who was a town councillor from 2007 to 2015, said on Facebook: "in the time since I left, it has become the most expensive and profligate local council in the whole of Buckinghamshire, yet delivers similar services as other market towns such as Chesham or Princes Risborough.

"Even the glossy town council magazine costs taxpayers money as the previous town council refuses to take adverts.

"The town council needs to concentrate on the issues it has direct control of.

"Let’s focus on our parks, our market and playgrounds, and work with Buckinghamshire Council and the new Community Board to provide a strong and vibrant town economy with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities for all ages."

Following his announcement as Deputy Mayor, Mr Whyte told the Advertiser: "It was an honour to be nominated and I think my colleagues welcome my commitment to work positively with Buckinghamshire Council, as well as my past experience as a town councillor.

"The budget is already set for 2021/22 so we inherit this from the last council, but I hope that over the year we can look at ways to ensure we are making best use of the council tax payers' money and look for ways to be more efficient and effective as we head towards the 2022/23 budget setting process.