Buckinghamshire county flies in Parliament Square as part of Historic County Flags Day

The display of flags in Parliament Square
The display of flags in Parliament Square

The Buckinghamshire county flag was one of 50 flags of 'historic counties' that fluttered in Parliament Square last week as part of a celebration of the nation's heritage.

The 50 flags flew in Parliament Square, London from July 23 (Historic County Flags Day) through until July 26.

The Buckinghamshire Flag flying as part of National County Flags Day

The Buckinghamshire Flag flying as part of National County Flags Day

Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry MP said: "Our history helps to define who we are and where we come from, and we are stronger as a nation when we cherish and champion our local traditions.

"I am proud to see fifty iconic historic county flags of our great nation proudly flying in the heart of Westminster on this momentous day for the United Kingdom.

"I cannot think of a more important and fitting time to celebrate our shared cultural identity and all that binds our communities together."

Graham Bartram, chief vexillologist at the Flag Institute said: "County flags have been an area of great progress over the last 15 years.

The Buckinghamshire county flag

The Buckinghamshire county flag

"Being able to display these flags together, as some other countries do, has long been an aspiration for the Flag Institute and we have been pleased to continue our support to the MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) in order to bring this about.

"This flag display really exemplifies the colour, depth and variety within the country."

Rupert Barnes, vice-chairman of the Association of British Counties said: "It is a beautiful display, and I hope it will be repeated in future years.

"It is about community - not administration - which is why the flags represent historic counties, not administrative conceits.

"Beyond Buckinghamshire are Caernarfonshire and Caithness, and ranged round the square are such beloved names as Middlesex and Merionethshire, Huntingdonshire, Sutherland and Westmorland."

The display in Parliament Square for Historic County Flags Day formed part of national festivities that took place across the country.

The Buckinghamshire flag flew between Berkshire and Caernarfonshire as the 50 flags flew alphabetically.

The full list of the county flags that flew in Parliament Square were as follows:

Anglesey, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Caernarfonshire, Caithness, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, County Durham, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, East Lothian, Essex, Flintshire, Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Kirkcudbrightshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouthshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Orkney, Oxfordshire, Pembrokeshire, Rutland, Shetland, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Sutherland, Warwickshire, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire