Can you help keep extremely rare Richard III gold coin in Buckingham?

The Richard III half angel gold coin, found in Buckingham last month
The Richard III half angel gold coin, found in Buckingham last month

A campaign is being launched to keep an extremely rare and valuable gold coin in Buckingham.

A Richard III half angel gold coin was found by local metal detectorist David Bethell at a location within a one mile radius of Buckingham town centre on September 10.

There are only seven known examples of the coin in the world and none are on permanent public display.

A campaign is officially being launched on Friday October 11 with the aim of keeping this historic find within the town and displayed at the Old Gaol.

Those behind the campaign are hoping to raise a five figure sum, as the last discovered example of this type of coin sold for £44,000 at auction.

Matt Parker, a trustee at the Old Gaol, said: “This was the find of a lifetime for David and an example of how metal detectorists should operate.

“David recorded his find with the finds liaison officer and as a long-time supporter of the Old Gaol he ensured that we were aware of it.”

The Old Gaol team need to raise the five figure amount by the end of the year and although grant aid is available from a range of organisations, a local interest in keeping hold of the coin needs to be demonstrated.

Matt said: “To be eligible for grants we need to show there is an interest in keeping this item, which is hundreds of years old, within the town.

“If the coin was to go to auction it would probably end up overseas as part of a private collection which would be a great shame.

“We feel we have a responsibility to protect this discovery, which is significant not only regionally but also nationally.”

Pledge forms will be available at the museum and there will also be collection tins at locations around town.

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