CCTV investment ‘will keep children safe from vandals’


Town councillors are set to approve a brand new CCTV camera, to help keep youngsters safe.

The move, which will be discussed at a meeting on Monday night, comes after a spate of vandalism in Chandos Park, Buckingham.

In one incident bolts were removed from a children’s roundabout, prompting fears that vandals are causing dangerous damage to equipment.

The new camera, which would be the second of its kind in the park, will be focussed soley on the play area.

Works have not been fully costed yet, but are expected to come in somewhere in the region of £2,000.

The plan has been brought to the council by councillors Mike Smith and Andy Mahi.

Mr Smith said: “There has been some vandalism in recent week where the play equipment has been targeted.

“When we received a report of the bolts being removed from the roundabout out team rushed round there to make it safe, but it could have caused injuries to the little kiddies.

“There are no park wardens, so we felt that an additional CCTV camera would act as a deterrent, and enable us to catch the people who are acting in such a fashion.”

And when asked what he would say to the vandals who caused the damage, Mr Smith said: “I would say don’t cross my path.

“It is probably young people who are doing it for a laugh but they are absolutely stupid.

“It could’ve been their younger brother or sister that was seriously injured by their actions.”