Child’s kite causes power outage which takes out entire village

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Large parts of Quainton were blacked out for an hour and a half because of a child’s kite.

The kite had become entangled around a power line at the top of The Green and UK Power Networks having received this information switched off the power for much of the village as a safety precaution.

A spokesman for UK Power Networks’ contractor on the scene explained that this was necessary as in the past people had been known to try to retrieve similar objects with disastrous results. On one occasion a cat at the top of a power pole had resulted in a power switch off until it was made safe.

Power was switched off at about 6pm and after the kite was recovered and it is believed, returned to its owner, was restored to the village at about 7.30pm on Monday.

The only activity noticed was dog walkers and joggers and people with torches touring the village to check that the old and vulnerable were safe said eyewitness Keith Sutton.