Coffee shop and youth group team up to offer some fundraising challenges

Job fairs help connect young people with potential employers
Job fairs help connect young people with potential employers

If you don’t mind a challenge with your Saturday morning coffee, you could help a group in Buckingham bring jobs to the town’s young people.

Harris + Hoole, the coffee shop found within the Tesco on London Road, and ‘Supporting Young People in Buckingham’ a community group offering guidance and support to the town’s youth, will be teaming up on October 21, to raise funds for an independent job fair.

Running from 11am to 2pm, the cafe will serve as a fundraising spot for the collective, and volunteers will be on hand to explain more about the initiative’s aims, posing a few challenges to passersby to take

The new group, established in August, have a target of £200 earmarked on their online donation page, which they hope will get the ball rolling and bring a job fair, expected to be held at Buckingham Community Centre, to the town.

They also receive no other income, other than through fundraising, and plan to connect over 60 employers to the town’s youth at the fair on November 25.

The group’s founders Corrinna Martin and Mark Hanna explained why the initiative as important. Corrinna said: “Services in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes are not funded to accommodate young people in Buckingham, and we want to connect employers and young people closer to home.”

“The fair will be for all young people, including school leavers and those exploring their options after their first term at college, that’s a group we’d like to catch.”

Supporting Young People in Buckingham recently arranged an event showcasing 49 activities that were available to young people in the area, and setting up the job fair is their next step.

Mark added: “There is definitely an interest in setting this up. Our long term goal is for this to continue, and for us to continue offering what we can offer free of charge.”

“We’ve made it clear we’re independent, non-religious, non-political - our only focus is the young people.”

Although the fair is still in the planning stages, the pair are hoping a successful crowdfunder will whip up the support needed to make the plans a reality

To find out more, check out the group on Facebook at:, or to donate, head to