COLUMN: How I accidentally helped Mrs Tiggywinkle and Sonic, and how they need your help too...


There’s a mummy and baby hedgehog in my 

A few months ago we had our fence re-done, and the workers left behind a goodly amount of the bushes that they had to chop down.

Senior reporter Hayley O'Keeffe

Senior reporter Hayley O'Keeffe

Being us, we decided to leave it where it was at the top of the patio, hoping that maybe, somehow, a magical bush-clearing fairy would come in the night and spirit it away.

Little did we know that our chronic tardiness would provide the perfect home for a prickly hedgehog, who has subsequently given birth.

Night time trips to the window to see Mrs Tiggywinkle and Sonic trundle across the grass is beyond cute, and it’s lovely to know that our lazy leftovers have provided a cosy place for nature to thrive.

Because it’s not all good news for our hedgehog friends.

As my story on page 12 relays, hedgehogs are suffering nationally in an unprecedented way.

The decline of the hedgerow, and people sealing off their gardens means that numbers are dwindling.

This makes me sad, I like hedgehogs, they don’t hurt anyone and seeing one is a real privilege.

Hedgehogs want to be part of our world, and there are plenty of ways that we can help them.

I won’t lie and say that not clearing up my garden 
rubbish made me an eco warrior, it was more down to 
not being bothered to go to the tip than anything.

But seeing the result of inadvertently making our 
garden just that that little bit more wildlife friendly is 
just wonderful.

Tiggywinkles in Haddenham is so close to us all, and hedgehogs are their favourite.

Their website offers a whole host of ways to help the hogs, and you can event buy a special wooden wildlife house in their gift shop which is perfect for the winter months.

So rather than be an accidental eco warrior like me, why don’t we all make a bit of an effort for the hedgehogs this winter.

They will be very grateful.

Go to to find out more about how to get involved.