Coroner’s road warning after young vet dies on A413

Vet Kathryn Adams, who tragically died in a car crash
Vet Kathryn Adams, who tragically died in a car crash

A devastated mother told how her daughter called her just moments before setting off on a drive which would claim her life.

Kathryn Adams, 27, who worked at Aylesbury’s Hampden Vets, died on January 28 this year on the A413 near Dunton.

The veterinary surgeon, who was born in Texas, had set off from Aylesbury and was driving along the road when she lost control of her red Hyundai Getz on a sharp turn.

Miss Adams’ inquest, at Beaconsfield Coroner’s Court, heard how her car spun round into the oncoming carriageway, and collided with a transit van driven by Terrana Evans, who was coming from Padbury.

Giving evidence at the inquest Miss Evans said traffic was moderate at the time when the crash happened, at around 1pm.

She said: “I saw a car come around the bend really fast, then I don’t know what 
happened but it looked like it was going to do a U-turn, then it hit me and the next thing I knew I was in the ditch.”

Miss Evans, who suffered injuries to her neck, hip and hand in the crash, said that she didn’t see what had made Miss Adams’ car spin out of control.

She also told how she had to be cut free from her van, which was badly damaged.

The inquest also heard from witness Susan Woods, who was 
driving her car from her home in Westbury towards Aylesbury to go on to a visit in Bushey when she saw the crash.

Speaking of the immediate aftermath Mrs Woods said that another onlooker handed her a mobile phone to call the emergency services, and told how she tried to help.

She said: “I ran to the car that had hit the van, a man was there and I told him that I didn’t think I could do much to help the poor girl in the car, she looked to be in a bad way.

“I just stayed there talking to her until people came along to help.”

Andrew Evans, forensic collision investigator for Thames Valley Police also took questions from senior coroner Richard Hulett.

He said: “The road is downhill and is deceptive, there is a slight camber through the bend.

“If you watch people drive that road when they come from Whitchurch 99% of people will break just to take a bit of speed off.”

And Mr Evans said that when he examined Miss Adams’ car’s speedometer it had frozen at 72mph.

He said that although there was a chance that the damage to the car could have affected the reading, the information taken with both eyewitness testimonies was a good indicator of the speed at which the car was moving when the accident happened.

Miss Adams’ mother and supportive friends were present at the inquest, and Mrs Adams told how her 
daughter had called her to say that she would ‘see her in an hour’ before setting off that day.

Giving a verdict of death by accidental road traffic 
collision Coroner Hulett said that he knew the stretch of road, and it was one to ‘treat with respect’.

He added: “Sadly I think she was a bit too risky with her driving that day.”