Councillors wonder why members of the public don’t attend

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Councillors pondered why fewer members of the public are attending their meetings this week.

At a meeting of Bucks County Council’s children’s services overview and scrutiny committee, member 
Patricia Birchley said: “I just wonder if there is a fundamental reason why people are not coming.”

Committee chair 
Val Letheren suggested that perhaps it could be because people were tuning in online to council webcasts.

She also said that this particular committee is one of the most viewed, with a peak of 400 viewers at one stage.

Committee member Robin Stuchbury also shared his view saying that it could 
be because people felt intimidated by the meetings, and that speaking to councillors at meetings should be made simpler.

He said: “Can we ask that the proceedure to speak at meetings be at the forefront on the county council’s website?

“It should really be the first thing that you read on there.”