Developer in Weston Turville bricks up window after losing planning dispute

A window that was installed by a property developer in contravention of agreed plans was finally filled-in this week after a recent ruling from the local planning authority.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 1:38 pm
Timeline of the now infamous window in Weston Turville

This year we've been following the story of the installation of a rogue window by a property developer, in Weston Turville.

The developer in question, W.E. Black, chose to move the location of an upstairs bedroom window without seeking permission from the planning authority.

The new location of the window overlooked the garden of neighbour Dr Vicky Taylor, and was directly opposite her young daughter's bedroom.

Window in April 2019

We asked developers W.E. Black why they originally changed the location of the window. They said:

“We saw it as a better orientation for the room.”

Last month we were happily able to report that the planning authority had ordered that the new window be removed. Their report said:

“The window inserted into the flank wall of Plot 11, at a short distance from the common boundary would result in direct overlooking and loss of privacy to No.15 Brook End, allowing direct views into habitable rooms and across the entire rear garden of this neighbouring property, reducing the amenities currently enjoyed by this dwelling to a level below that which they could reasonably expect to enjoy.”

Window in September 2019

Vicky Taylor told us:

“It is a great relief to our family that AVDC have finally been able to determine and refuse this retrospective planning application for an overlooking window that should never have been placed where it currently is. The Planning Officers have clearly acknowledged in their report the harm that is still being caused to us and the detrimental effect this window is having on our residential amenity and privacy, both from inside our home and outside in our garden.”