Dog dies of heatstroke after being left in owner's car outside pub in Brill

The Pheasant Brill pub and car park
The Pheasant Brill pub and car park

In the village of Brill on Sunday 25 August, one dog tragically died of heatstroke and another was taken to a vet after being left in their owner's car while he went for lunch at the local pub.

The incident occurred outside the Pheasant pub on Windmill Street in Brill, at approximately 2pm. The pub allows dogs inside.

This weekend saw the hottest late August Bank Holiday weekend on record in the UK, with 33.3°C (92°F) recorded at Heathrow.

We spoke to staff at the pub about the incident but they said they had been told not to comment since it is now a police matter. They did however confirm that the man in question lives in the village.

We also asked the RSPCA about the case. They told us that they are not prepared to comment on the condition of the second dog but provided the following statement:

“We’re aware of this situation but we’re unable to discuss complaints about specific people for legal reasons.

“The RSPCA urges all dog owners never to leave their pets unattended in vehicles during the warm weather. Temperatures inside parked cars can increase rapidly and dogs can suffer heatstroke and, tragically, die quickly.”

Thames Valley Police media office said:

“It was reported to Thames Valley Police that a dog had died and another had been taken to a vet after they were left in a car on Sunday (25/8) in Windmill Street, Brill. An investigation is being carried out by the RSPCA and there is no further police involvement at this time.”

On their Facebook page the pub posted the following message:

“After hearing the awful news today we just wanted to let everyone know we are a dog friendly pub! We have several dog bowls and a water tap in the garden for our lovely four legged friends!

“We had several dogs in today in the garden and in the bar area! We also had the air con on today, so it was nice and cool inside.

“Please do not leave your dog in the car! Either leave them at home or bring them in - we love to see all the different dogs in our pub!

“Steve is very sad to hear the news and is completely gutted being a dog owner himself.

“Fingers crossed for the other dog involved.”

If you have more information on this awful story please contact:

For more information about the dangers of leaving dogs in cars, visit the RSPCA's 'Dogs Die in Hot Cars' campaign.