Editor’s column - paying tribute to the amazing Florence Nightingale Hospice

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I’ve returned to work this week after some leave time - it’s a very sad time for our family following the death of a beloved family member.

Throughout the journey we have all witnessed first hand the wonderful work of the Florence Nightingale Hospice, and I feel like not using this platform and neglecting to mention just how wonderful the staff and volunteers are would quite frankly be wrong of me.

Florries is a charity - and many of you will be familiar with their work after enduring a similar experience.

What many people do not know is that once you are under the care of 
Florries they will continue to look after you - even if you choose to pass away at home.

It has struck me this week that this love and care should be something that we should all support - but also what a shame it is that it falls to organisations 
like Florries and 
Macmillan in our communities to ensure this extra work happens - charities which are not guaranteed funding, but are oh so precious and oh so vital.

To find out more about the Florence Nightingale Hospice and make a donation click HERE