EDITOR’S COLUMN: Snowy scenes - and a very nice time indeed in Brackley

Brackley High Street Picture Richard Watt
Brackley High Street Picture Richard Watt

Well it’s been an unusual week hasn’t it! Waking up on Sunday to see at least three inches of snow in the garden was almost too much for the fluffy dog I live with to handle - a countryside walk in it proved even more exciting, and from the looks of things there were plenty more dogs and their people who felt

exactly the same.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

The excitement was tempered somewhat for many of us on Monday however - when school closures, road congestion, ice, and pavements covered in skiddy hazards impaired our progress - but maybe that’s the trade off for that magical Sunday morning?

Skipping back to Saturday - and while reporter Ryan Watts braved the crowds at the Buckingham Christmas Parade - I headed over to Brackley.

We ate lunch at Dough and Vine in the High Street, which came highly recommended.

And we were not disappointed. We’re vegan so eating out can be a bit of a minefield - but the restaurant’s excellent chef had a menu with a range of options to cater for fussy folks like us- and even served a pizza with vegan cheese! So check it out people of Brackley, people of anywhere, it’s really very good no matter what you like to eat.

After that we went to the Brackley Antiques Cellar which had a very impressive range of taxidermy, as well as just about every other curious object you could ever wish to see. I am unfeasibly excited about the squirrel nutcracker we purchased (not taxidermy I hasten to add it’s made of metal) - thanks Brackley Antiques Cellar!

So I hope that your run up to Christmas is feeling as festive, and that you’ve had a lovely week.

We really hope you enjoy the picture spreads from the Buckingham Christmas Parade - Ryan has also made an excellent video of the whole thing which is available on this website now!

Right - Christmas newspaper deadlines are a’calling - wish us luck! GO!

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